About Jungle Ark


Message From The Creator

Jungle Ark™ was established in 2011 on the campus of Princeton University. The mission of the company is to raise awareness about the importance of jungles through unique products.

Saving the Jungle!

Our jungles are very special and need to be protected. We are already seeing the effects of Global Warming in our physical environment as well as in our jungles. We take technology and advancements in our society for granted but we need to remember to look at how our impact affects our jungles and the inhabitants that live in them.
Jungle Ark aims to entertain children while educating them about the environmental and social issues affecting our jungles. Our products help children grow up environmentally aware and socially responsible.

As our company grows, we will be adding more and more interesting stuff to our website – new plush toy characters, products, and activities. So be sure to check back with us often – there’s always something interesting at Jungleark.com!

The Story

Jungle Ark will teach children the importance of our world's jungles and how to protect, preserve, recycle, and reduce the waste we all create. In the beginning, Noca, the spirit of the River, is disturbed by human activity destroying the world's jungles. Realizing that time is running out, Noca sends magical leaves, each with the power to control an resource of the
Jungle, to a group of animals.

These animals were dubbed "The Inhabitants" and were given the task of protecting the world's jungles from environmental disasters created by Dr. Poacher and the Pollutants. Noca uses her echo sonar ability to discover where the most devastating destruction is occurring and sends the Inhabitants to help solve the problem. For travel, the Inhabitants use an Ark to sail the rivers of the world's jungles.

In situations that the Inhabitants could not handle, they combine and magnify their jungle powers to summon Admiral Jungle, who possesses all of their talents magnified, symbolizing that the combined efforts of a team are stronger than its individual parts.

Despite his vulnerability to pollution, Admiral Jungle is a formidable and valiant hero. Once his work is done, Admiral Jungle returns to the Jungle, restoring the Inhabitants' powers. When he does this, Admiral Jungle reminds children of the message, "Save the Jungle!"


Brendan Brock - Founder